The Mission of Neptun is to produce new technical solutions that can provide a competitive advantage to its customers, investing more than 12% of its turnover in Research and Development.

The continuous interaction with the final users of the machines has lead to a significant number of patents and unique solutions for several special and standard applications:

  • The system Ecosave for energy savings and the reduction of noise on all Neptun washers
  • The solution Edge to Shape, allowing the straight-line edgers Rock to process the edge whilst controlling the final dimension of the glass sheets, also in terms of squaring
  • The patented pad  in double material, guaranteeing a long lifetime of the Rock conveyors
  • The option DCS for the optimization of the performances of the tools on the drilling centers Quickdrill T8
  • The horizontal washing machine Tornado LT, specifically designed for the cleaning of thin glass sheets
  • Cornercut for the automatic corner cutting of glass sheets, integrated in the washing process

All these solutions are made possible by the solidity and high precision ensured by the basic models, resulting from the deep knowledge of the glass processing industry.


The new high-efficiency system for energy saving purposes.

The washing system is selected according to the maximum size that you want to process, but….. how often do you process the maximum possible size?
All washing machines that have been manufactured up to the present day consume energy according to the maximum workable size and not to the processed size, with an installed power that can even exceed 30Kw.
At last, Neptun renews the washing machine and introduces Ecosave: the system that reduces energy consumption according to the size of the processed glass, at last by combining maximum performance with reduced consumption.


Neptun’s R&D has produced Edge to Shape, the innovative evolution developed and patented by Neptun which allows the straight-line edgers of the Rock series to perform edge processing, with control of the final geometry both in terms of angles and final desired dimensions
The application of solutions that are typical for working centers, is integrated with the high precision mechanics, and especially with the new patented conveyor of Rock.
With the ETS option, Rock in fact overcomes the concept of the conventional machine and evolves into a real CNC machine which can be used as an alternative in all the processes that, up to today, could be carried out only by CNC machines or double edgers.
The sophisticated process consists in scanning of the incoming angles by a laser system and adjusting the removal angle by means of specific axes controlled by the powerful CNC.
At the same time, the same laser system measures every glass side in real time and the removal angle is consequently adjusted in order to get the desired final dimensions.


DCS is the innovating intelligent tool management system, a proprietary system developed by Neptun, which allows the numerical control to automatically define the ideal parameters for the use of each single tool, by using the maximum of its performances.

In this way, the drilling cycles are reduced, turning Quickdrill T8 into the fastest drilling center on the market, with a penetration speed up to 4 mm/sec according to the diameter and the tool.

Thanks to this system, all drilling tools can be used, and the risk of breakage is significantly reduced.

DCS manages the performances of the tool in real time and also recognizes if the tool is losing its sharpness; in that case a redressing cycle is started automatically.

The only manual adjustment the operator has to do is the selection in DCS mode:

  • Safe: In case of delicate processing like holes on the corners of glass sheets with low thickness
  • Dynamic: standard mode
  • Boost: takes the processing speed to the upper limits, practically the maximum possible speed for the tool in question (defined automatically by DCS).

The fourth industrial revolution is radically modifying the world productive scenario: the interconnection of physical systems with digital ones, the growing use of intelligent and automated machines.

Among the benefits of economic development in this direction, there is certainly greater flexibility through the production of small batches at high-scale costs, greater productivity in less time, less errors, better quality and less waste through sensors that monitor production in real-time, greater product competitiveness thanks to increased functionality resulting from interconnection.

Several European countries have approved specific fiscal and economic measures to promote this path towards industrial development, innovation and competitiveness of the companeis, which will become more and more technology, more and more 4.0. 

In Italy the “Stability Law 2016” and “Industry Plan 4.0” provide important tools to capture this growth opportunity.

Neptun has not been caught by surprise: Neptun machines - from washing to milling machines and vertical machining centers - already have the necessary requirements to be included in this trend: integration with cyber-physical systems, CNC control, simple and intuitive HMI, continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters with appropriate sets of sensors, .. these are fundamental prerequisites of innovation as it has always been conceived in the company of the Bavelloni family.

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