Neptun provides a highly qualified post-sales service, through a wide network of experienced and constantly updated technicians. It is our goal to keep your machine at the maximum efficiency as long as possible, allowing you to make your business, and our partnership, grow.

You can contact our after-sales service for advice, for help with regular maintenance, or for information about recommended spare parts, we will always be happy to assist you.


Neptun’s installation and maintenance technicians are certified through a specific training course at various levels, and periodic updates to stay informed about new ways to ensure the maximum duration of your machinery at the lowest cost.

These meetings are extremely valuable to Neptun: not only they allow to train our engineers and partners to provide the best customer service, but are also a source of knowledge to gather suggestions and stories from those who “live” directly on the market, the most important link of that bond with end users Neptun is daily inspired by.


Neptun supplies high quality spare parts, which have been tested to guarantee a long lifetime and make your machines run with the highest performances.

Our warehouse at the headquarter, as well as the warehouses of our main local dealers contain thousands of pieces ready for delivery, to reduce the times of your maintenance to the very minimum.

Thanks to its deep knowledge of the industry, Neptun can also supply spare parts for machines of the most important brands, particularly for those of Z-Bavelloni.