Vitrum 2017: 4 days of hi-technology @Neptun

The Vitrum 2017 show, as we hoped for, has inverted the negative outlook of the eve and privileged the quality of visitors on quantity.

Neptun's four-day in Milano was played on two fielss, on one side the stand at the fair, with two machines which have proven to be of great interest to the public: Quickdrill T8, teh vertical drill with automatic tools exhange and the mitering machine Rock 10-45, and the other hand the showroom at Rovello Porro where the full range of Neptun was displayed: the new vertical washing machine Wave 2800, the horizontal washer Tornado HP 1664, the grinding / milling line Quick and other straight edgers of the series Rock.

The highlight of the showroom was definitely Bravoseam, a highly automated system for manipulating and shuffling glass. While many manufacturers at the fair moved glass at the presence of the visitors, Bravoseam actually processed with it, with great amazement of the only interested operators.

Bravoseam is distinguished by its innovative dry processing: an exclusive suction system allows it to work without the use of water to cool the tools. This results in less maintenance and a cleaner and more pleasant environment for operator. The Bravo system is available in several configurations, combining loading / unloading, pick-up and 90° transfer.

Bravoseam is the first model of the series Bravo, conceived by the Neptun's new Automation division.

Neptun's Automation Division was created at the end of 2016 with the introduction of a team of qualified resources devoted to the development of high-tech solutions, not only for 'simple' glass manipulation but above all to carry out glass processing jobs. The systems are managed by intelligent software, developed entirely by the Neptun Automation team, to complement the reliability of robotic systems with their expertise in the glass industry, forming flexible, fast, and easy-to-use solutions.

Another novelty in the showroom was Wave, the new vertical washing machine that stands out for its flexibility of configuration, thicknesses up to 80mm, reliability and superior performance with regard to automation, washing quality and productivity.

The number of visitors to the stand and to the company has exceeded expectations, and the immediate follow-up of the fair confirms the actual interest in the entire product range, especially for the automation area. The great efforts that have been made to bring this unique solution to Vitrum, have been rewarded.