Success confirmed at China Glass

Neptun's participation at China Glass was a success like, and even more than expected. The Chinese fair has now become in effect a major meeting point for companies from all over the world, and so it was also at the Neptun's booth: Indians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Americans, Spaniards, Russians, Poles, ... have admired the speed and the machining precision of the Quickdrill T8 drilling center with automatic tool change.

A well-tested and well-known machine, many had already heard of it, but were nevertheless surprised to see it with their own eyes: the drilling accuracy of 0.15mm, complete flexibility and ease of programming within anyone's reach. Quickdrill gives its best in line with the Quickmill milling center, to form a complete processing line, but already in the stand-alone version the benefits are many and immediate and make it a machine that is worth more than its price.