Quickdrill T8 sets a new speed record

The new drilling center Quickdrill T8, conceived by Stefano Bavelloni, sets a new speed record.

Being the natural evolution of the succesful Quick series, which offers high productivity, flexibility and low maintenance costs, QuickDrill T8 makes processing even faster and easier, thanks to the automatic tools exchange in just 8 seconds, and the tools optimization function DCS.

The rotating tools holder is placed on the drilling head itself, and moves along with it, so as to avoid long offsets and make an extremely rapid exchange, which is even completed during the positioning operations for the next hole, if this has a different diameter.

The positioning axes X and Y move with a speed of respectively 30 and15 mtr/min, which means that quite often the time of the tools exhange is hidden by the time required to move the glass; one could say that the tools exchange is done in no time.

The innovative intelligent tool control system, DCS, also allows the CNC to automatically define the ideal parameters to use each tool it at highest performance that these can give. This further reduces the drilling cycles and makes Quickdrill T8 the most rapid drill on the market, with a penetration speed up to 4 mm / sec depending on the diameter, the tool and the glass thickness.

Quickdrill T8 is complete with automatic dressing and presetting systems, in order to maintain the ideal conditions of the tools. The maximum working dimensions are 1600x3000 mm open top  and 2600 x 4000 mm. Quickdrill is also available with a manual tools exchange.

Quickdrill T8 can be placed in-line, also at a later stage, with the milling center Quickmill, to make a complete Quickline for the processing of glass doors, shower boxes, shelves, kitchen backsplashes, partition walls, etc.

Quickline is now well established and known for the rapid return on investment, processing glass doors with a high quality finish in only 3'30 ", an unattainable output for vertical CNC centers for milling and drilling "2 in 1".

The clear flexibility and added value of Quickline attracts both small companies for which any investment is subject to important budget assessments, and the major players in the glass processing industry, where productivity and process automation are at the base of industrial strategies.

Quickline can also be integrated with a vertical washer LV Top, to obtain a complete working cycle of drilling, milling and washing.

Both the line and the single machines can be supplied with automatic glass loading and unloading systems.