Neptun takes Quickline T8 to China Glass 2017

Neptun will be present at China Glass 2017, displaying Quickline T8, the well-known vertical NC processing line for drilling and milling of glass doors, shelves, partitions, shower boxes, kitchen backsplashes, ...

Conceived by Stefano Bavelloni, Quickline T8 is the natural evolution of the Quick series, which raised the bar for high productivity, flexibility and low maintenance costs, thereby providing added value that still captures the interest of small companies, where every investment has to be carefully budgeted, as well as “giants” of the glass processing sector, where industrial strategies are based on productivity and process auto­mation.

China Glass 2017 is a particularly important occasion for the company of Rovello Porro. Matteo Rolla, managing director of Neptun, explains: “This year expectations are higher than ever, because this expo marks the entry of Neptun on the Chinese market, known to be huge and continuously evolving. We also believe that interest in high technology is rising, and buyers are no longer solely focused on finding the lowest priced products. Therefore, we hope to generate a lot of interest in our company’s products”.

Visit us at booth E1-067!