Italian Technology Awards 2018

On November 7, Neptun hosted a delegation of American and Canadian students winners, of the Italian Technology Awards 2019 (an initiative organized by ICE Agency, as part of the project “Machines Italia”), accompanied by two of their professors.

“We enthusiastically joined this initiative because we need to throw handfuls of seed to make one take root and keep our industry lively.

Starting from the background of the delegation, we have generally described the 'pre-processing'-area, in which Neptun’s product lines are located.

We have then illustrated the concepts and the various applications of grinding and seaming of glass, drilling and milling and finally washing as a fundamental prerequisite of other processes such as lamination, double glazing, screen printing, painting, tempering up to solar and ultra-thin glass with technological coatings.

In the subsequent Q&A session, particular interest aroused, especially in the professors, Neptun’s approach of automation, control of the drifts and the integration of the various production processes.

The most impressive part of the visit was the workshop, where we showed how our machines are born, from carpentry to software testing. Finally, the delegation witnessed a demo of working with straight-line edging and washing machines.

The greatest gratification for us was their sincere amazement in assisting in the realization of a polished chamfer with a heel of just a couple of mm on a 25 mm glass, starting from the rough edge. From the surprise on the faces of students and professors, I like to conclude that in our industry, after all, there is a bit of magic ".