Bravoload: intelligent glass moving

BRAVOLOAD by Neptun Automation is the most autonomous multiple axis system available in the market for moving, turning, pivoting and rotating flat glass.

Its flexibility and unprecedented degree of automation turn BRAVOLOAD into a true ally of the operator and the entrepreneur in the search for an increasingly automated and above all ‘smart’ process, establishing the concept of INTELLIGENCE 4.0.

BRAVOLOAD can be used in combination with any glass processing equipment to automate the production cycle with immediate benefits in terms of performance, costs and safety.

BRAVOLOAD can be integrated with Neptun machines or machines of other brands in a wide range of applications, to create completely independent working stations.


Once the system is installed, the operator only has to switch it on. The dimensions of the glass are detected automatically, consequently the system activates only the vacuum cups that are specifically needed. BRAVOLOAD autonomously manages the work load, with a cycle time of up to 13” per piece and optimizes the production rate respecting the maximum production speed of the process machines that it is serving.