AWA - Automatic wheels adjustment

The system "AWA" (Automatic Wheels Adjustment) allows a fully automatic management of diamond and polishing wheels.

The principle patented by Neptun combines simplicity, precision and consequent reliability over time.

After a number of worked meters definable by the operator, Rock AWA automatically activates the presetting of the diamond tools, repositioning them with extreme precision on the desired removal values. The presetting cycle takes only 30 seconds, and requires no manual command.

It is also possible to store and manage "recipes", ie sets of variables depending on the type of used wheels (metal or resins) and the type of glass (float, laminate, high thickness, etc.) that can easily be recalled to obtain preset settings depending on the required processing on the edge and the wheels. In this way even an operator without experience can easily obtain a product of the highest quality.

The polishing wheels have an automatic compensation system that allows them to be used from a new grinding wheel up to its complete wear without requiring any adjustment. When the tool has almost reached full wear, the control panel signals the need for replacement; the information appears with a certain advance so as to be able to continue the production and carry out the replacement at the end of the shift.

Particularly appreciated by the users is the safety system that prevents potential damage to the wheels and spindles in case of glass breakage and the possibility of working parallelogram-shaped glass with cut-outs.

The AWA system is available on both the straight-line models Rock 8 and 11 and the mitering machines Rock 10-45 and Rock 14-45, at a very affordable price.

With AWA, anyone can work as a PRO!